“On The Track”

We need to wake-up to what our bodies need to work at its peak!  Are we working a good

“Organic” food program?  Juicing with :Organic” vegetables and fruits is a must!  Cuisinart builds a perfect juicer (user friendly).  Take supplements – mine are Herbs, YL Oils and a few other important supplements that works with my body chemistry.  Got a few a anointed healers in your life?  “Super” important!  Exercising out of the house daily? Go for it!  Are you detoxing once a week–a must!  Clean your home out and use nothing but Vinegar, Baking Soda and Thieves cleaning products to detox your home.  One of my goals is to stay healthy.  What is yours?  Blessings to all!





Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils

For those of you whom read my posts, all the information is a factual, as my knowledge has taken me.  YLTEO, can change your life.  It has mine.  Some of my favorite oils are:  Lavender, Frankincense, Valor, Thieves, Panaway, Peace & Calming, Grounding, Joy, and Harmony.  Using the YLTEO properly, can allow you to feel better, emotionally and physically.  If anyone has any questions, about how to use these oils, please contact me at:  aarkadv@comcast.net.  I do give one-to-one classes on the oils.  The class is for 1 hour.


Mold can produce toxins.  If you are not breathing well, always sick, have allergies.  I would advise having a “TOP” notch mold inspector come into your home and inspect it.  Basements are likely places where mold hides.  Any sand crawl spaces?  Excellent places for mold to form.  Older home?  Probably mold somewhere in your home.  Our home was built in the 1940’s with sand crawl spaces.  Mold grows where there is moisture and food for it to grow.  Some food for mold is sand, moisture, fiber glass insulation and cement bricks.  Please contact me if you need help with mold. (I would like to thank my older brother, for helping me write this post, as a bacteriologist, he was able to give me the correct scientific information.)